Best Pizza For The Super Bowl

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20160117_115116You may be getting tired of some of the standard pizza offerings: Dominos, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut…so for the Super Bowl this year, maybe you want to venture out and try something new, maybe even something good! That way, you can kick back and enjoy the game and not cleaning the grill or chopping carrot sticks. Well, I have a few suggestions for my fellow Raleighites who are in a pizza rut. Naturally, Raleigh always has the classic options, like Lilly’s, Lynnwood, Trophy and Ruckus, but today, I have two suggestions based on whether you are in North Raleigh or close to downtown.

If I could order pizza from anywhere, for the rest of my life even, I would have to strongly consider Capital Creations. When I called, they asked if this was my first time ordering and they told me, “Get ready to try the best pizza of your life.” I am not sure if I can go that far. It is hard to beat a freshly made NY pie after running in the cold rain for a few blocks or turning the perfect corner in Italy for a real hand crushed, tossed, and grated experience, but Capital Creations easily has the best Chicken Pesto Pizza I have ever had, and it is no wonder that they boast it is their best seller. Their pesto sauce was perfectly distributed and full of basil and garlic. The chicken tasted great, but the thing that won me over was the pizza crust. It is soft and seasoned to the point of almost being a breadstick. I truly love this pizza, and if the price point doesn’t scare you away, I hope you give it a try.

The other place that I want to talk about is Called MOD Pizza. MOD is new to the Raleigh area, but it has been a chain for a few years now, and I have friends who travel to Seattle where this place regularly has a line out the door. It is easy to see why. I am absolutely head over heels for their pricing model, but I don’t want to sell you on that just yet. Their pizza tastes damn good as well, and their specialty is allowing their diners to craft personal pizzas so no one has to compromise on what they want. MOD starts you off with a thin pizza, but you can get a thicker pie if you want to. They have all of the sauces that you can imagine, and you have control over what goes on your pizza and not in the classic ask-your-server way. Ordering here is just like making your favorite sandwich at Subway or the ultimate burrito at Chipotle.

The best thing is that for the cost of one large pizza at most craft pizzerias, you can probably get three personal pizzas at MOD. The personal 10-inch pizzas start at less than $8, and the best thing is that you can add all of the toppings that you want for no extra charge! The only thing that costs more is doubling the thickness of your crust. And when it comes to toppings, they have everything from anchovies to zucchini. Seriously, what’s not to love? They don’t deliver, which is a bummer, and the location off of Millbrook may not be convenient for everybody, but if we eat there enough, maybe we’ll get a 2nd location and then a 3rd location. I can dream, right?